There are a lot of reasons why families may not be able to go off and have a vacation. It could be gas prices, someone may be out of work and they can’t afford to go anywhere at all. This does not mean that when it comes to vacation time that you can’t have some sort of break from all of the stress and worries of daily life. So here is a example of how you can have a great family “staycation” for less than a hundred dollars.

The first day you should simply plan to do nothing. Make this a day to relax and to let go of all of the stress laid on your shoulders the past weeks and months. Read a good book or plop down on the couch and find a movie to watch. This is not a day for household chores, no laundry, no yard work, no cooking, nothing. This is a day to forget about it all. Even leave a message on your answering machine saying that you have gone on vacation. As for eating, make sure there is something in the freezer that everyone can pop into the microwave. Day one: $0

The next day you could set aside for the kids. This is the day you let the kids decide what they want to do. Let them know though that the budget is $20 and no more. If you have several children then you should start with the youngest and what they want to do and then work up to the oldest. You want to do what the youngest wants to do first because more than likely they’re going to be going to bed first so you have to make sure they get their fun in. This day is extremely important to them so make sure you let them choose what they want to do within reason. Day two: $20

On your third day you should make this your outing day and this will be a day where your budget will be $30 and you will spend the day entirely away from home. Go to a museum or the zoo, visit historic places in your area, attend any local festivals that might be going on. Take a picnic lunch with you and go to a nearby lake or park and have a nice picnic with the family. Go out and see as much of the area that you live in. Even pretend you and your family are tourists for the day. Day three: $30

The fourth day should be for Mom. Mom needs a special day too. So on this day keep the budget to $25 and let her decide what she wants to spend that money on. The first thing you should do though is let her sleep in before getting going on anything else. A nice thing to do for Mom would be when she wakes up make sure and serve her breakfast in bed. The let her figure out what she wants to do for the day that’s hers by writing them down on a piece of paper. Take that piece of paper and do your best to honor her wishes. Day four: $25

On your fifth day designate this to be a fun day at home. Watch funny movies, play silly games with the kids. Plan a prank, that is good natured on someone in the family. Have a dress up contest, a joke contest. Just anything fun and silly that everyone will get a kick out of doing. Even go through the old family photos, tell the stories behind some of the photos, whatever else you can think of that will make the fun day at home more enjoyable. Day five: $0

The sixth day should be for Mom and Dad, a day of romance. By now the kids are probably sick of hanging out with you anyway and are dying to go and see some friends. So let them, even see if you can’t set it up where they can spend the night with their friends, if not, then get a sitter if you must, but it’s best if they are out of the house. After this is taken care of, take the rest of the money that you have left and use it for the night you will have a lone together. Make it a theme night, come up with a theme the two of you would like and get a movie to go with the theme, fix a meal for each other that will go with the theme and simply enjoy your alone time together. Day six: $25

On the final day, just do what you did the first day, nothing, because the next day brings back the “real” world.

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